Need a fun way to get exercise and life skills? Then call the Adirondack Wilderness Survival School! At the A.W.S.S we will teach you the important skill and art of wilderness survival. This basic 8 hour class will include:

 State of mind:

Ø      Being prepared (supplies, fire starter, food, ECT.)

Ø       The 3 rule

 Basic First aid:

Ø      Fractures

Ø      Animal bites and bee stings

Ø      Cuts

Ø      Burns

Ø      Blisters

Ø      Slivers

Ø      Heat exhaustion

Ø      Hypothermia

Ø      Sprains

Ø      Basic knife usage

 Finding a camp site:

Ø      Navigation

Ø      Building a camp/shelter

Ø      Camp organization

 Shelter making:

Ø      Lean-to

Ø      Debris hut

 Food and water:

Ø      Finding water

Ø      Water purification

Ø      Finding food

Ø      Snares

Ø      Preparing food

Ø      Storing your food

 Fire making and maintaining:

Ø      Feathering

Ø      Finding and using tinder

Ø      Fire lighting with flint

Ø      Useful cooking utensils


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